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Zhu Zhou Summit New Material Co. Ltd. Was established in 1999. We built up a unit of 50 t/a sintered NdFeB magnets , We mainly produce ring magnets and arc segments . It is one of the earliest manufacturer of ring magnets of Od160XId 100mm . In 2002 , we expanded the production capacity to 300t/a sintered NdFeB magnets , in 2004 , we finished the unit to 500 t/a sintered NdFeb magnets and 30 t/a sintered SmCo magnets .
As mass production and innovation processing technology , we can provide all Dimension of magnets with competitive price , and the quality of products is more and more stable . since 1999 , our company earned of good reputation from Customers as quality products , good service , mutual benefit .
We have developed difficult shape of NdFeB magnets for customers , we produced ring magnets up to OD 165mm , 8” length block magnets , twist angle arc segments , sphere magnets to diameter 3mm — 50mm , micro tube magnets of OD2.6xID 1.6mm and Hallbach magnets . We do not need tooling fee !
Also we assemble magnetic equipment according to customers' design , such as Hallbach magnetic ring , magnetic bar , magnetic lifter , magnetic support , magnetic sealing coupler, magnetic coupler and so on . Since 2006 we have developed magnetic levitation train technology together with famous University in China .
We provide magnets with Zn ,Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni-Tin ,Ni-epoxy ,Ni-Gold , and chemical Ni coating ,The highest grade of Nd magnets is N48 , N 45M .
Our products are applied in loudspeaker , headphone ,microphone , DC motor , servo motor , synchronous motor , wind power alternator , magnetic separator , magnetic force unit , and RMI .
Our customers cover Europe , USA , Canada , Australia , India , Tailand , Taiwan , Hong Kong and Mainland
Our customers benefit with more customizable products, shortest possible lead time and cost efficiencies ! Our customers will acquire stable consistent quality products and better services to make great progress continuously .
Warmly welcome to enquiry on price and sample magnets, we'll give you offer in 24 hours . ------------------------------------Zhu Zhou Summit new material co.

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